Professional Development Days - 21st March 2022 and 21st July 2022 - School will be closed to pupils on these days
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Kirkleatham Hall School

"Unlocking Potential"

Phases 4 & 5

These phases are simply a continuation of the work done in the previous phases. Developing the pupil’s understanding of less familiar graphemes and to learn through sight recognition more tricky words that are non decodable. By the time the pupils reach these phases they will be reading texts fluently and making choices about the books they would like to read. They will hopefully be reading for pleasure and choosing to read texts in their free time.


Within school we have pupils who are operating at different points across all the phases, with some of our pupils never progressing beyond phase one while others quickly progress to being competent readers who will choose to read for enjoyment. We appreciate that different pupils have very different interests in terms of the books they like and are motivated by. For this reason we have a variety of reading schemes that we use within school, along with a host of other fiction and non-fiction books. All of our books are colour coded according to their level of difficulty. Pupils are aware of what colour book is suitable for them in order that they can read it independently and are self-motivated by the prospect of moving on to the next level of book. What we do stipulate is that pupils who are operating primarily at phase two of letters and sounds use texts for independent reading that are decodable in order that they are not trying to continually read unfamiliar, ‘tricky’ words. In doing this we have found that it instils in them a confidence in their own reading ability and allows them to be as independent as possible.