In August, 5 students from Kirkleatham Hall School represented the North of England at the Special Olympics National Games. They performed brilliantly in their respective sports and came away with a haul of medals, Mica (3 bronze), Cian and Stuart (silver for 1st team), Ben and Luke (gold for 2nd team). All the students were a credit to our school and we are very proud of their achievements.
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"Unlocking Potential"

PE and Sport Premium



Pupils are offered a range and progression of experiences during their timetabled PE and swimming lessons, with every encouragement to extend these experiences through participation in out-of-school activities.  This range of experiences is intended to provide for pupils’ increasing self-confidence in their ability to manage themselves and their bodies within a variety of movement situations:


A progression of learning objectives, combined with sympathetic and varied teaching approaches, endeavour to provide stimulating, enjoyable and challenging learning situations for all pupils.  Through the selection of differentiated tasks, it is intended that all pupils, irrespective of ability, will learn to enjoy success.  Each success will hopefully motivate pupils to further develop their individual potential.


The school believes that physical education can contribute a vital and unique element to our pupils’ physical development and well-being, so long as it is experience in an environment which is safe, supportive and, where appropriate, challenging.


The emphasis is upon providing a supportive and inclusive learning environment that encourages maximum participation, and rewards endeavour, while remaining sympathetic to pupils’ physical needs and degree of learning difficulty.


Pupils are to be provided with a balance of individual, group and team activities, some of which are competitive.  These will cater for their individual preferences and needs, improve fitness and skills and provide a framework of understanding for the future.