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Kirkleatham Hall School

"Unlocking Potential"

2014 -15

For the year 2014-15 we received a total of £58,885. We plan to use the money for the following :


–       Increased time for the school counsellor To develop robust recording and analysis of incidents, needs, trends as well as increased mentoring and support systems and a consistent approach to individual needs – leading to greater independence and improved learning behaviours as well as conduct behaviours


–       Extended school clubs for all pupils – developing skills in vocational areas such as cooking, sports, arts, and building and maintaining relationships with their peers. This increases motivation and self -esteem, as well as social aspects of learning.


–       Access to music therapy – developing communication skills as well as participation for students with PMLD


–       Horse riding opportunities for pupils identified by physiotherapist Leading to improved physical development and learning skills (attention and concentration etc)


–       Residential trips for selected pupils –leading to raising aspirations, participation, confidence and self esteem as well as a focus on life and independence skills.


–       Staffing the summer play scheme – as above with the additional benefit of working relationships with parents. Engages learners and maintains their relationship with school, reducing loss of learning  over the summer break and ensuring that pupils remain familiar with the environment.


–       Strengthening the middle leadership roles and responsibilities with a focus on quality of teaching, and behaviour and safety. Impact on behaviour and safety, Better conduct behavious and increased learning behaviours across school and sharing the areas of outstanding teaching across school. . Reduction of serious incidents and fewer positive handling plans Sharing the areas of outstanding teaching across school by collaborative assessment planning and recording


–       Funding the outdoor (vocational and leisure) space for Key stage 3 improving skills and confidence as well as raising aspirations via experiencing vocational options. Improved outcomes for pupils in both core and foundation subjects. Sensory development and experiences enhanced for PMLD pupils following sensory curriculum


–       Funding vocational opportunities for Key stage 4 particularly via the vocational opportunities such as the café, as a vehicle for vocational skill training and experiences. Increased accreditation outcomes.


                               Impact of Pupil Premium 2014-15


The school counsellor continued to support individual pupils as well as whole school initiatives to support behaviour for learning. Compared to the total number of behaviour incidents reported 2013-14 there has been a further 44% drop. In addition, there have been no entries into the school bullying log involving bullying in school.


The extended school clubs continue to be highly valued by children and their families. During the academic year 2014-15 there were a total of 8 weekly after school clubs providing activities for 55 pupils which represents 42% of the total school roll. The most significant addition to our offer was the launch of the rebound club to those pupils with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties. This is a hugely successful club!


Residential Trips and Visits are now a major feature of our offer to learners and families. During 2013-14 a total of 20 pupils were able to benefit from a residential experience and this has now reached 43 learners in 14/15. An increase of 115%.


Leadership in key areas of Teaching, Learning and Behaviour has resulted in a school wide approach to behaviour management. Our policy celebrates positive behaviours and secures reflection at the heart of what staff and children do. Pupils highly value the recognition awards that are presented each week as well as the contributions made to our Celebration Tree. Now 98% of pupils state that behaviour is good in school (an increase of 28%) in the last three years.


The quality of teaching continues to show sustained progress with no teaching observed requiring improvement.  Progress against individual targets have increased from 90-93% of pupils making good or outstanding progress in Maths, an increase from 94-96% in English and a total of 86% in Science overall.