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Provision for participation in timetabled (and “Specialist”) PE:

Provision for participation in timetabled (and “Specialist”) PE:


All classes are expected to have 2 hours timetabled Curriculum Physical Education each week, this includes swimming.  A detailed breakdown of activities can be found in this document.


Pupils in Primary School typically have a PE lesson, two swimming lessons, a Rebound Therapy lesson, and some pupils will use the Ball Pool and / or Soft Play.  Pupils in the Secondary Department have one swimming and one PE lesson with the PE specialist.  Class 6 have a Rebound Therapy session;  Classes in Post 16 are taken off-site to use the sports hall at the local college, as well as following the Sports and Leisure and Health and Hygiene modules of the ASDAN Youth Awards Scheme to extend their knowledge and skills in PE. Classes in Post 16 also access the gym at Middlesbrough College.


The main hall is allocated for each class for the PE lesson.  Poor weather only affects PE lessons in so far as planned outdoor activities may have to be moved into the hall and/or modified.  If the pool is inoperable for any reason, staff generally seeks to provide an alternative physical activity (e.g. by “doubling up” for PE with a group of comparable age, or by having a ball game; going for a walk etc.).


Pupils who cannot participate fully in a lesson may be encouraged to “join in” in some other way, for example by helping to put out equipment, or timing activities etc.  Notes excusing pupils from PE are always heeded.   However, cases of pupils who are regularly unable to participate will be referred back to the class teacher.  The school nurse and physiotherapist could be consulted about significant medical or related problems and are encouraged to contribute suggestions towards the provision of suitable alternative activities.


Optional and extra-curricular activities


All pupils in secondary and FE and many from primary school have the opportunity to extend the PE curriculum through joining one of the Extra Curricular Clubs.  At present, the after-school choice is Football Club, Basketball club, Netball Club and Primary PE club from 3.15 – 4.15 p.m. each Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. The sports partnership and the new primary PE funding have allowed us to provide coaches for both the basketball club and primary PE club, as well as sports coaches  from various other sports that work with our students during curriculum time.  Lunchtime clubs provide pupils the opportunity to play hockey, soccer, cricket, or to do swimming.