School finishes for half term at 3.10pm on Friday 23rd October and we return on Monday 2nd November.
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Kirkleatham Hall School

"Unlocking Potential"


Hello Everyone


We hope you are all keeping well. Hopefully the weather might improve as the week goes on and we will get the warm weather that is forecast. We need a few more weeks of good weather to see us through the 'Summer Holiday' so that you can get out and about. We know for many of you, especially if your children have been at home it doesn't feel like we are coming up to a holiday. Term time and holiday time have all rolled in to one and sometimes it is easy to get muddled with what day it actually is!


We would like to say a huge 'Thank you' for your support and resilience during these unprecedented times. It has been lovely to hear and see what you have been up to as the weeks have gone by. Although at times it hasn't been easy, all of you have shared some wonderful moments and achievements. It has been a privilege to have been part of your child's journey from the beginning of 'Lockdown' in mid March. As we come to the 'Summer Holiday' we can now look forward to everyone returning to school in September.


Our last Timetable entry before the Summer is Timetable 13. See Timetables for weeks 8 - 12 and also this week's (13) for suggested activities related to our present Theme. On the Home Learning page you will find suggestions for things to do in the 'Under the Sea' resources section. There are also related recipes in 'Sensory Cooking' and linked activities in 'Messy Play'. If you haven't managed to already, you might get the opportunity to have a beach visit as part of this Theme.


For those of you who have just begun to access our Home Learning page, 'Welcome' and enjoy investigating it.  Our Home Learning page resources are under clearly titled headings. Explore by clicking on any of the headings and see what you can find! Please feel that even though we are now on Week 13 you can dip in and out of any of the timetables. We have put in brackets next to each weekly timetable the Theme that it relates to.


If you get an opportunity please have a look at, 'An Introduction to Attention Autism' and with your children watch the videos of Jo Wilson undertaking various Stage 1 and 2 activities. We have also made our own Attention Autism short videos starting with gathering together suitable household things to undertake your own sessions at home. The children might enjoy watching them to see Stephanie. To see Debbie they can watch the Speech and Language, 'Marvellous Me' clips. 


You may have noticed that at the very bottom of the Home Learning page where all the classes are set out in a list there is 'Speech and Language' and 'Attention Autism'. Feel free to click on these and have a look at the South Tees Speech Therapy Channel and the 'Gina Davies' Attention Autism videos. A recent addition is a folder called, 'Stories' where you will find short videos of some of our staff reading their favourite stories.


Please keep sending your messages and photographs of activities undertaken and new skills that have been learnt at home. We love to see and hear about what you've all been doing.

We will be in touch by phone either Tuesday or Wednesday this week. We will also continue to contact you through Marvellous Me and as you know, you can contact us via email on


Please take care of yourselves and keep safe

Best Wishes

Stephanie, Debbie, Sharon, Dawn and Katie