All families eligible for Free School Meals - the vouchers for week commencing 22nd, 29th of June and 6th and 13th July are now available.
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Kirkleatham Hall School

"Unlocking Potential"

Teesdale Gallery

Here are a few pictures of the staff and children in Teesdale Class and what they have been upto so far.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 1 Emma joining in with Joe Wicks to stay fit at home
Picture 2 Emma cooking dinner at school during Forest School
Picture 3 Emma having fun with attention autism
Picture 4 My Halle doing home schooling
Picture 5 Ryan joining in with Joe Wicks keeping fit at home
Picture 6 We made an afternoon tea at home (it was yummy)
Picture 7 Ryan's fab magazine art
Picture 8 My favourite cookie dough and chocolate ice cream
Picture 9 Ryan on a bike ride
Picture 10 My poor Dobbie has been poorly and needed a cuddle
Picture 11 Zac helping with house work
Picture 12 Zac having fun
Picture 13 Zac getting his hair cut
Picture 14 Zac pretending to be an elephant
Picture 15 Cool haircut Zac. Well done mam.
Picture 16 Looking cool Zac
Picture 17 Zac baking with big sister
Picture 18 Zac cracking an egg
Picture 19 Zac very proud of his work
Picture 20 Ryan taking his dog for a walk
Picture 21 Another walk for Big Ryan and his dog
Picture 22
Picture 23 Val cutting her husbands hair well done Val
Picture 24 Val painting her fence
Picture 25 Val getting better at chess
Picture 26 Faye baked biscuits
Picture 27 Faye thanking the key workers
Picture 28 Faye thanking the key workers
Picture 29 Faye baking
Picture 30 Faye made a Barbie look beautiful
Picture 31 Faye found Swan eggs on her walk