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Activities Week Commencing 22/06/20

Hi Everyone, 


I hope you are keeping safe and well, this week I have decided to not upload a timetable as you will already have established some routines and after speaking on the phone it is clear that many of you are doing some excellent work and it isn't always around the work that I set. It has been fantastic to hear of all things that you have been doing. 


  • Completing physical exercise - going on a bike ride or a walk 
  • Making your own breakfasts and lunches 
  • Helping do the housework 
  • Helping in the garden
  • Walking the dog
  • Doing an online quiz with your school friends


These are all great activities, so keep this up and share your ideas with me. Below are some worksheets that you could be doing this week - some are challenging as I feel like  for those who are doing the work are doing very well. You can also continue with Maths project I set last week as that will take 2/3 weeks. 


Stay Safe and Well 

Vicky heartxx