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Preparing pasta and spaghetti for Messy Play

Preparing pasta and spaghetti for Messy Play


Ingredients - pasta/spaghetti. Food colouring/olive oil etc optional

Equipment - Large pan, colander and slotted spoon. Sealable plastic bags if food colouring is going to be added.


Cook and allow pasta to cool.


Food colourings can also be added to pasta - see video about making 'Rainbow' pasta.


A small amount of oil could be mixed into the pasta to give a different texture. 


Not sure what happens if both food colouring and oil are added to pasta/spaghetti - you could experiment!


Explore, touch, smell, taste pasta/spaghetti


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Can you make wiggly caterpillars with the pasta/spaghetti?

Buy pasta that is shaped like 'Butterflies', cook and add colouring (see video)

Use uncooked pasta shapes as legs etc. when using the play dough we sent to make a caterpillar.