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Welcome to Roseberry Class Online Learning. If you are spending time at home you may want to explore the activities that can be found here. Please look out for emails and I look forward to hearing about your time at home.


Heather, Donna, Karen and Wendy x

The January Challenge

Day 1 - Lost and Found

What do you want to leave in 2020, and what do you want to find in 2021? You could think of this challenge like a time capsule - gather all of the things you would like to leave behind in 2020. You could put things in a box, you could write a list or you could make an illustration. Now, gather all of the things you want to find in 2021! They could be physical things or they could be memories, ambitions or experiences you are hoping for. 

Click the link below to watch the video for ideas.

The January Challenge 2021 with Yomi Adegoke - DAY 1

This video is audio described]Yomi Adegoke has selected her favourite crowdsourced challenges submitted from people all around the country, and brings you o...

It’s Day 2 - it’s time to feel the LOVE!

Today’s challenge is from Marylin Richardd, and was chosen by Lemn Sissay. 


What to Do

Write the word LOVE in any material or materials you want! Write in calligraphy, create a collage, find objects that look like letters - or find letters hidden in objects. Create some love today.     

How will you hold on to your ‘love’?

Day 3 - Pocket of Hope

Make a Pocket of Hope. Decorate a piece of paper with words, images, marks or colour that will give you or someone else hope or joy. Keep it in your pocket, purse, wallet, bag or somewhere to find whenever you like. You could make one for someone you know to carry with them and include things you know they like or enjoy. Think of it as a visual or written pick-me-up that can be used repeatedly as needed! 
“An uplifting, creative tonic which has no limit on its dosage.”

What are your hopes for the year ahead?

Day 4 - Wear your Happy



Wear your happy! When we dress we often do so to match the way we feel at the time. Karen’s challenge is to choose to wear clothing that you LOVE. Perhaps it has a soft texture, reminds you of a happy memory from when you wore it last, or the person who may have gifted it to you. Perhaps it's a colour that you love, a vintage item that takes you closer to history, fun shoes that make you smile because of the noise or way they look, a gorgeous hat or headwrap, funky accessories...or perhaps it’s all of the above.

Could you draw or design another element that would perfect this outfit? How does this outfit make you feel?

Day 5 - Leading Words


You wake up and find you have been given leadership of your country, and you can choose to organise the nation however you like, with whatever you feel passionate about. You are about to make your first speech to everyone. They've asked you to make it in the style of rap, a rhyme or a poem. Choose any style you like. It does not have to rhyme.
 What would you like to say?

How could you bring an element of your speech to life today? Who would you like to hear it?

Day 6 - Find a Rainbow

Create a rainbow using the items you have around you. Your rainbow might be big, might be small, it might be made of socks, food, books, pencils - anything goes. Find the colour! 

“Rainbows have been seen as symbols of hope and pride, we could use some of that at the start of this new year.”

What’s your colour of the day?


Day 7 - Words

Take a few moments to reflect on the big things happening around you - can you think of a specific story or experience that demonstrates how it affects you?



Can you make a list of words or write a short story or poem to describe what is happening around us now? You can make this as simple or as complex as you want.

Day 8 - Where?

Do you enjoy looking for things? I enjoy hunting for items in pictures and photos. Today's challenge involves creating pictures like this.



If you have a camera create a scene using objects. Take a photo, then either add or remove objects and take another picture. Can you print the pictures and encourage others to spot the differences? If you do not have a camera draw two pictures the same and add some changes to one. Can you get your family members to spot the differences?

Day 9 - Light as a feather

I love watching the birds. They are different in size, colour and shape. They make me consider the world of flight and all the things they must see and experience.



Let your imagination fly. Can you create your own bird? You could draw, paint, sculpt or collage your bird. Be creative with your bird. with different colours, textures, shapes and size!

Day 10 - Once upon a time...

I love reading and can often be found exploring books. Books are one of the many places where we can find stories. You can also find stories in music, tv, films and cartoons. This challenge requires you explore a story.


Think of your favourite story. Can you retell it? You can retell it in pictures, words or maybe music. Choose what you prefer. I look forward to reading them.

Day 11 - Mapping Memories

Lockdown has been a time for creating memories. Many people have explored there local area and found new walks and areas to explore. Todays challenge is about making a map of those memories.


Can you create a map of where you have been creating memories? If its a walk along the seafront, be sure to include all the places you've seen.

Day 12 - Black out Poem

Today's challenge is about having fun with words.


Find a piece of text from a magazine or newspaper. Highlight the words which you like and interest you. Black out the words you don't need. Can you create a poem? It doesn't have to rhyme. Have fun exploring the words.


Consider the words you use. How do they make you feel?

Day 13 - I <3 Art



Today's challenge is about designing a logo. Can you design a logo for I heart art? Can you make it to celebrate the things that you love? They could be baking, colouring, drawing, painting, craft, dancing or anything creative.


What makes you feel happy when you are being creative?

Day 14 - Blowing Bubbles


Today's challenge is about having fun with bubbles. Can you create a picture with bubbles? Or can you change a picture you create with bubbles? Explore and have fun.


How do bubbles make you feel? What is it that you like about them?

Day 15 - Festival Fun


We are all missing getting together with everyone. One fun way is to have a festival. Can you create a festival? Draw a picture of your festival. Include all the things that would like to do.


What fun things do you miss? How will you make sure that we have fun with others when lockdown is over?

Day 16 - A patch in Time



When I was little I used to collect patches. The patches were for places I'd been, festivals, and events. I even had patches for achievements I had made. Can you design a patch to symbolise what is happening now? It might be for family time, walks in the local area, baking at home. You decide.


How will you remember this year?

Day 17 - A Day in the Life


Can you imagine what your life would be like in the future? Where would you like to be? What would you like to do? Can you create a picture of your future self?


What will you be wearing, eating, or living?


Day 18 - Hidden faces


There are hidden faces all around us. My curtains when I was little were covered in flowers. The flowers made faces. I used to like hunting for the faces when I couldn't sleep. There are lots of other places faces can be found. You can see faces in the bark of trees or create your own. Can you create a face using objects you find in your home?


Are the faces you find or make happy?

Day 19 - Travel the World


Lockdown has meant that travelling the world has changed. We can't go exploring so why not bring a landmark to you. Think of something you would like to visit. Can you search for pictures and videos on the internet? Once you have found the landmark can you make a model of it at home? You could use straws, sticks, cardboard. I would love to see your models.


Why do you want to visit the landmark? What makes it special?

Day 20 - A picture tells a 1000 words


I love words and pictures. Can you create a picture using words? Cut up a old magazine, flyer or newspaper and stick the words onto paper to create your picture.


Why did you pick the words and pictures that you did?

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