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Autism Acceptance


Autism Acceptance

Awareness Week Celebrations

As a school, we acknowledge and support the unique qualities of each individual.

April highlights world autism month. To raise awareness and support we are carrying out a week of activities to celebrate autism acceptance from April 4th – April 8th 2022. Please do not purchase anything new for the occasion or feel obliged to join in every activity. Simply join in where your child is happy to do so!


Monday 4th April

Magnificent Mind Monday – Autism is a neurological variation, which means the brains of autistic people work differently than the brains of non-autistic people, and that is amazing! Let us celebrate how amazing it is that all our minds work in different and wonderful ways by wearing a fun hat and/or hairstyle.


Tuesday 5TH April

Neurodiversity Tuesday – To celebrate the beauty in the diverse spectrum of the human mind wear rainbow and/or colourful clothes.


Wednesday 6th April

What is your Passion Wednesday – One characteristic of Autism is to show incredibly focused passion for topics of interest! What are you passionate about? Dress to show something you love.


Thursday 7th April

Autism Acceptance Day – Love and acceptance go a long way. To show your support and acceptance of autistic individuals wear something red or gold.


Friday 8th April

Sensory Friendly Friday – Autistic people often have a variety of sensory sensitivities. Wear your most comfortable clothes (this may include pj’s).


Thank you for your support

Hayley Aspery