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Girl Guides - Making Pottery

On Thursday 12th March, we were lucky enough to have Claude Frere-Smith visit Guides to come and show us how to work with clay. We had a brilliant time. First, we made a pinch pot out of a ball of clay. It was quite tricky to hold the ball of clay and move it round to make the pot. The clay felt cold but nice at the same time.

Next we made two more pinch pots, Claude showed us how to put the two pots together. We used a toothbrush dipped in water to brush the edges of the two pots, that helps the clay to stick together. Next we put our finger inside the pot and smoothed the edges on the outside of the pots so that they held together. It took lots of concentration. Next we made a sausage shape out of clay, we pushed a paintbrush through the middle of the sausage shape and rolled it to the make the hole in the middle bigger. This turned out to be the stem of a vessel that we made. We used the skills that we had learned to help the different parts stick together and smoothed the edges again. After this we decorated the vessels. We are very proud of our hard work and we hope that the parents like them too.

Thank you very much to Claude for coming in to work with us.