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Strike Action - Update

30th January 2023


Dear Parents/Carers                                                                                      

Following on from my previous letter in relation to the strike action that is due to take place, we have discussed how best to deal with this situation.

We will have a number of teachers who will be on strike on these days, but also a number of Teaching Assistants who will be required to stay off to look after their own children as their children’s schools may be closed.

From a school perspective, it is extremely difficult to make decisions on what to do when we are dealing with an unspecified number of staff not being present at school. However, what I do not want to do is wait until the day of the strike and then have to send children home as that will have the biggest detrimental effect on our families.

Instead, we have decided that the fairest and hopefully least damaging way to proceed is to have a partial closure on the strike days. In doing this, it allows us to keep school open for the majority of students on each day and means children that miss a day of school as a result of strike action will hopefully only miss one out of the four days.

For the strike days the following classes will NOT be in school.

Wednesday February 1st – Highcliffe, Carlton, Sutton, Wainstones, Roseberry

Tuesday February 28th – Jet, Amber, Ruby, Diamond, Pearl

Wednesday March 15th – Emerald, Sapphire, Purple, Green

Thursday March 16th – Orange, Blue, Yellow, Rainbow, Nursery

Please bear in mind that this list is only provisional. We will need to be reflective on each strike day as to whether it is safe to maintain the planned number of open classes. This will be dynamically risk assessed on each strike day, however the planned class closures should give us lots of wriggle room should more staff be off than expected.

We will endeavour wherever possible to deliver your child’s usual curriculum on the strike days, however this may not be feasible in all classes and alternative activities may be provided.






Please also note there is the prospect that should there be a resolution that not all strike days may go ahead. There is however, the potential for more unions to vote to strike in which case we will have to reflect and adapt our initial plans for what school will look like on the strike days.

Thank you for your continued support

Kind regards

Paul McLean    

Paul McLean


Kirkleatham Hall School